Tell Politicians to Stay out of Our Health Care

Pennsylvania lawmakers are poised to vote on a bill restricting essential transgender health services next week. Please take a few minutes to make a call and ask how your state representative plans to vote on House Bill 1933.

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I am calling about House Bill 1933, which would prevent transgender people insured through Medicaid and CHIP from getting the healthcare they need. I believe that no matter what kind of insurance a transgender person has, they should be able to access the medical care that they and their doctors agree is necessary for their health and well-being. Can you tell me how my representative plans to vote on this bill?

Once you’ve made the call, please take a minute to report back to us about how your representative plans to vote on this bill! You can just fill out this brief form about your call.

Background on HB 1933

Just a few weeks ago, Pennsylvania lawmakers were threatening to hold hostage CHIP, a program that insures nearly 200,000 children, as part of an effort to restrict insurance coverage for transition-related healthcare. Fortunately, the CHIP bill has been stripped of the earlier anti-trans amendment. But lawmakers haven’t given up their attack on healthcare for transgender Pennsylvanians.

A new bill, House Bill 1933, would prohibit CHIP and Medicaid from covering a range of transition-related services for the nearly three million Pennsylvanians, children and adults, who are insured through these programs. It would exclude from coverage everything from counseling to hormones to surgical procedures – even when an individual’s doctor determines this is medically necessary care.

The House plans to vote on HB 1933 the week of December 4th. Your state representative needs to hear from you today!

Help protect healthcare access for transgender Pennsylvanians like Naiymah and Jen’s son, Carter, whose story you can hear below. Call your state representative today.

9 thoughts on “Tell Politicians to Stay out of Our Health Care

  1. CAlled Mike Sturla’s office. The aide wasn’t sure but thinks it is likely that he will vote against the bill.

  2. Called Representative Patty Kim’s office. Love her! I was told that she will most likely vote against this bill.

  3. Mine went to voice mail to Tina Pickett in Harrisburg. I read the statement and asked for a return call on how they plan to vote.
    Thank you for all you do to protect EVERYONE!
    Lauric Gleockner

  4. My rep, Eli Evankovich, is on the House Health committee and already voted for this. When I called to ask that he oppose, his staff person said he will vote for it again but could not/would not tell me why. Thank you for all you do to protect the community!

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