Questions about the Pope’s Philadelphia visit? We have (some) answers

Pope Francis in St Peter's square - Vatican (credit: Alfredo Borba)

Pope Francis in St Peter’s square – Vatican (credit: Alfredo Borba)

Many people have contacted us with questions about the Pope’s upcoming visit to Philadelphia September 26-28. The ACLU-PA and other groups are monitoring plans for the Pope’s visit. Here’s the latest information we have.

  • So far, there are NO plans to check IDs for people walking around or entering and leaving Center City. If we hear of such a thing, we will sue.
  • There WILL be a secure fence with check point entrances, but it looks like that will be just around the Parkway and some office buildings beside the Parkway. You should be able to walk everywhere else.
  • There WILL be a ban on cars and very restricted public transit in Center City.
  • The ACLU-PA is calling on the city and the Secret Service to give the public more information about the security plans.
  • The city has promised that Philadelphia will not foot the bill for this event.
  • If you want to PROTEST during the Pope’s visit, you should apply for a permit NOW. If you have any trouble or questions about protesting, call the ACLU-PA at 215-592-1513.

2 thoughts on “Questions about the Pope’s Philadelphia visit? We have (some) answers

  1. Hello, I work in an office building right off of the parkway, 1 Logan Square. Will the buildings this close to the Popes visit have to close for the whole week ? I’ve heard that Wednesday, Thursday ,Friday.
    Thank you

    • The decision to close office buildings would fall on the building’s owners or management.

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