Volunteer Spotlight: Todd M. Darby

Todd M. Darby

Todd M. Darby

Philadelphia, PA

Recent Graduate of Claflin University; Aspiring Lawyer

What do you do as a volunteer for the ACLU of Pennsylvania?
I am a development volunteer; I assist the development staff with a wide variety of tasks, such as stuffing envelopes, scanning documents, working on spreadsheets, and played a part in preparing sections of the annual report.

How long have you volunteered with the ACLU of Pennsylvania?
It is closing in on three months soon.

How did you first get involved with the ACLU of Pennsylvania?
I had previously coordinated with the ACLU of South Carolina on events at my alma mater, Claflin University. While at Claflin, I kept up to date what ACLU-PA was doing in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. I admired the work that the ACLU-PA was doing, especially over the last two years. Since graduating in May, I’m back home in Philadelphia and I wanted to play a part in moving your work forward, so I applied to be the Development Volunteer.

Why is volunteering with the ACLU of Pennsylvania important to you?
It’s important because I know that I’m playing a part in helping the ACLU of Pennsylvania be successful. I help out with the daily functions of development, which in turn moves the organization forward. The ACLU of Pennsylvania works on issues that are most prevalent to myself and my community, and I am making an impact, both directly and indirectly. Pennsylvania is my home state, Philadelphia is my home town, and I love giving back to my community.

What civil liberties issue(s) are you most passionate about and why?
Criminal law reform, disabilities rights, and freedom of speech are the top three. They are important to me because my family, friends, and I have all had these rights infringed upon during my lifetime.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering for the ACLU of Pennsylvania?
I am currently in a LSAT Prep Class – I take the test in October. I volunteer with my church and am an Eagle Scout. I also volunteer with kids and the elderly. I enjoy live music, visiting museums or art galleries, travel, and last but not least, spending quality time with friends and family.


If you are interested in volunteering with the ACLU of Pennsylvania, please visit: aclupa.org/volunteer

Questions about the Pope’s Philadelphia visit? We have (some) answers

Pope Francis in St Peter's square - Vatican (credit: Alfredo Borba)

Pope Francis in St Peter’s square – Vatican (credit: Alfredo Borba)

Many people have contacted us with questions about the Pope’s upcoming visit to Philadelphia September 26-28. The ACLU-PA and other groups are monitoring plans for the Pope’s visit. Here’s the latest information we have.

  • So far, there are NO plans to check IDs for people walking around or entering and leaving Center City. If we hear of such a thing, we will sue.
  • There WILL be a secure fence with check point entrances, but it looks like that will be just around the Parkway and some office buildings beside the Parkway. You should be able to walk everywhere else.
  • There WILL be a ban on cars and very restricted public transit in Center City.
  • The ACLU-PA is calling on the city and the Secret Service to give the public more information about the security plans.
  • The city has promised that Philadelphia will not foot the bill for this event.
  • If you want to PROTEST during the Pope’s visit, you should apply for a permit NOW. If you have any trouble or questions about protesting, call the ACLU-PA at 215-592-1513.