ACLU Week in Review

By Ben Bowens, Communications Associate, ACLU of Pennsylvania


June 1 – June 5
This week we set our sights on reforming Pennsylvania’s flawed civil asset forfeiture practices. After releasing a report entitled “Guilty Property: How Law Enforcement Takes $1 Million in Cash from Innocent Philadelphians Every Year — and Gets Away with It,” we, along with our coalition partners, held a press conference announcing our support of legislation aimed at reform. Check out the report, listen to our legislative director explain the issue and read some other ACLU stories making headlines this week below.

Let’s reform asset forfeiture in Pennsylvania!

New ACLU Report Shows Philadelphia DA Seizes $1 Million in Cash Annually from Innocent Philadelphians

The ACLU of Pennsylvania today released a new report that documents the impact of Pennsylvania’s unfair civil asset forfeiture laws and the aggressive enforcement of these laws by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. Civil asset forfeiture is a legal mechanism that allows law enforcement to take and keep property it claims is connected to illegal activity without charging the property owner with a crime. read more…

ACLU Supports Legislation to Reform PA’s Asset Forfeiture Laws

The Directors Guild of America says networks and studios are to blame for the “deplorable” dearth of female directors in Hollywood, following a call by the American Civil Liberties Union for an investigation into the industry’s “systemic failure” to hire female directors. read more…

Andy Hoover on The Rick Smith Show

Michigan launches a Mobile Justice app!

Mich. joins other states with ACLU app to record police

A mobile app that allows residents to film police encounters on their phone, and send them to the ACLU moments after the recording is over is becoming available in more states.The ACLU of Michigan is the latest state chapter to roll out an app called “Mobile Justice.” read more… PA’s app is coming soon!!!

ACLU of North Carolina turns 50

ACLU of North Carolina celebrates 50th anniversary

The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina will mark the 50th anniversary of its founding by sparking conversations about the civil liberty issues the group has tackled over the years.The ACLU-NC will commemorate the anniversary on Sunday with a panel and history exhibit at the Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte. read more…

ACLU pushing for police reform in Minneapolis

ACLU presses Minneapolis to move on police reforms

American Civil Liberties Union leaders laid out their list of recommended police reforms Thursday as they called on Minneapolis officials to help reduce racial disparities in the criminal justice system. An ACLU report made public last week found that people arrested in Minneapolis for low level crimes were nearly nine times more likely to be black or Native American than white. read more…