On #DecisionDayPA: A letter from Vic Walczak

Vic Walczak

Vic Walczak

Dear ACLU Supporter,

I have been blessed to be a part of some pretty historic cases, whether it’s intelligent design creationism, Hazleton’s immigration fiasco, or, most recently, knocking out voter ID. But our marriage case on behalf of 25 Pennsylvanians holds a special place for me.

I was at the Pittsburgh celebration on the night of the decision with several of our clients and their children when the magnitude of what we had achieved began to hit home. People I didn’t know were hugging me, wetting my suit with their tears as they thanked me for transforming their lives. I don’t ever recall seeing so much unabashed joy, open affection, and excitement created by one of our victories.

All ACLU cases involve vital rights, but it hit me just how life-defining this case is for so many people. It is everyday existence. This decision affirms people for who they are and establishes gay men and lesbians as equal citizens. Those who fall in love with a person of the same sex now have the same rights.

Who would have thought that in less than a year we would make Pennsylvania number 19 for freedom-to-marry states? It’s amazing and just plain beautiful!

The ACLU of Pennsylvania could not have achieved this win, or any of our other victories, without the help of our supporters.

If you’re not a member, please consider joining the ACLU today.

Thank you for your unwavering faith in the ACLU! Let there be more love in the world. And let wedding bells ring!


Witold ‘Vic’ Walczak, Esq.
Legal Director, ACLU of Pennsylvania

PS – What some of you may not know is that I’m a dancing legend. Bad dancing legend 🙂

Vic Walczak dancing

Vic dancing on stage at the #DecisionDayPA rally in Pittsburgh (credit: John Altdorfer)

2 thoughts on “On #DecisionDayPA: A letter from Vic Walczak

  1. I’m really beginning to like the state I live in. First Voter ID is permanently resolved, and now this. Get rid of Corbett in November, and it will be the trifecta of 2014.

  2. ACLU ~ Thank you! Vic Walczak and all the rest of the ACLU legal team ~ Thank you! Deb & Susan Whitewood, and your children ~ Thank you! All of the the others and their families who participated ~ Thank you! Mayor Peduto and all politicians who participated ~ Thank you! And, I want to take this opportunity to thank my wife, Bobbie (Rev. Bobbie Dunn) for loving and caring for so many LGBT people for many, many years. Thank you honey for all the Holy Unions you’ve performed, and now, the Weddings that you will be performing in the LGBT community. I love you! Marilyn

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