Harold Jordan on WHYY’s Radio Times

ACLU of Pennsylvania Community Organizer Harold Jordan stopped by WHYY’s Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane to discuss “racial disparities in school discipline.”

Check out the full interview here:

From WHYY:

New information released by the Department of Education shed more light on a disturbing difference when it comes to school discipline — minority students are suspended at a much higher rate than white students. The same applies to expulsions and harsher punishments and the problem is particularly acute in Pennsylvania. With more research to show that zero tolerance policies are ineffective, some educators are rethinking the whys and hows of school discipline. In this hour of Radio Times we’ll talk about the issues around suspensions, expulsions and even arrests, particularly when it comes to minority students. Our guests are HAROLD JORDAN of the ACLU of Pennsylvania, DEBORAH KLEHR of the Education Law Center, and University of Pennsylvania education professor MATTHEW STEINBERG. – See more at: http://whyy.org/cms/radiotimes/2014/03/31/racial-disparities-in-school-discipline/#sthash.4lewHTdD.dpuf