Something is rotten in the state Senate

It’s an election year. It must be time to find some people the state legislature can kick around.

Yesterday the PA Senate passed a bill to restrict the forms of acceptable identification for obtaining public benefits, from unemployment compensation to medical assistance to post-secondary financial aid. It’s supporters framed it as a measure to stop those illegal alien invaders from fraudulently obtaining public benefits.

One small problem. Not only did the supporters not show a systemic problem but they couldn’t point to a single case of an undocumented immigrant improperly acquiring benefits.

And the people who are most likely to be affected are those who need benefits. Studies show that those most likely to not have government-issued identification are the elderly, persons with disabilities, persons of low incomes, and racial minorities.

The pricetag? 19 million dollars.

“Gas is $3.50 a gallon, there are 250,000 working people who can’t afford to get sick and the Senate is more concerned that an illegal immigrant might be applying to Penn State,” House Democratic spokesman Bob Caton said.

Oh, but the Senate isn’t done finding groups to kick around. Today in Pittsburgh there is a hearing on SB 1250, which would amend our state constitution to ban gay marriage. Now if our senators could just find some gay immigrants, I’m sure they’d be downright gleeful.

Andy in Harrisburg

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Recognition for NOVA special on intelligent design

This is kinda cool. Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial – the Nova documentary about Kitzmiller v. Dover – has won a Peabody. The award is one of the highest awards in television.

Here are the judges’ comments:

The centerpiece of this thoughtful, topical edition of NOVA was the recreation, verbatim, of key testimony and argument from a six-week trial in Pennsylvania that served as a crash course in modern evolutionary theory, the evidence for evolution and the nature of science.

Lauri in York

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Things that amaze me

It’s late so this will be a short one. But I have a few thoughts, as we have wrapped Day IX of the VHAC tour.

The energy of Walter Everett of MVFHR is incredible. Walt is a retired Methodist minister. Well, actually, he flunked retirement and has a church part-time in Sunbury. He was with us twice last week, driving from his home in Lewisburg to Harrisburg for three events and then home in the evening, a 70 mile trip one-way. Then the next morning he drove another 70 miles or so to State College, did two events, and drove home, leaving Penn State at 9pm.

This week he traveled with us from Scranton on Monday to Bethlehem on Tuesday. After we wrapped in Bethlehem, after three events there, he drove home at 9:30pm, a 2 1/2 hour trip. Today he joined us again in Reading, another 2.5 hour trip, for an evening event at Albright College- where we were joined tonight by Ray Krone– and drove home again.

In between, he tended to one church member who is going into a nursing home and another who is dying.

I’ve known Walt for three years or so, but this tour has shown me a part of him I was not aware of. His energy is through the roof. Here’s a 70-something guy who is telling the story of the murder of his son. He’s doing it two or three times a day and then driving home at night to be with his wife and tend to his congregation. And through it all, he’s cracking jokes and never shows any sign of irritation. Although, he does keep teasing me about getting lost in Bethlehem. We’ve done 20 events, we got lost once, and that’s the one my tour mates remember.

Rolling Stone called Walt “serene and heartful, without an ounce of bombast.” That is certainly true.

The other thing that amazes me is the story of Juan Melendez, and more specifically, the circumstances that led to his exoneration.

A police informant who knew Juan claimed that Juan and another friend committed the murder. The police leaned on the other friend, threatening him with the death penalty, and the guy took a plea bargain and agreed to testify against Juan. The testimony of a police informant and a coerced co-defendant- two men whom Juan said “had criminal records from here to California”- and no physical evidence landed Juan on death row.

The wheels began to turn in his favor when his new attorney discovered a taped confession from the real killer, which had been in the possession of both the prosecutor and Juan’s court-appointed attorney since before the original trial. In addition, the prosecutor had 16 documents that corroborated the confession. These documents were not turned over to the defense at the original trial.

What if that tape didn’t exist? Juan was sentenced to death on the basis of two questionable witnesses and no physical evidence. If that tape did not exist, Jeb Bush probably would have had Juan executed.

Juan calls the tapes and the documents two of his “miracles.” It shouldn’t take a miracle to free an innocent man from death row or keep him off death row in the first place.

Andy in Harrisburg

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On the road again

After taking the weekend off for some R&R, the VHAC tour was back on the road. We loaded up the Mystery Machine and headed to Wilkes Barre and then Scranton yesterday on Day VII. For Day VIII, we’re in Bethlehem.

Juan Melendez, the 99th death row exoneree in the modern era of capital punishment, has joined us for these two days. Ray Krone of York County, the 100th exoneree, will be with us tomorrow in Reading and Thursday in Lancaster. Walter Everett is back, representing Murder Victims Families for Human Rights.

Walt Everett and Juan Melendez share a laugh at Monday’s event in Scranton.

Harold Wilson and Walt Everett talk with a local television station in Harrisburg.

Lorry Post addresses the audience at Broad Street Ministry in Philadelphia.

(L to R) Ashlee Shelton of Pennsylvanians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, Harold Wilson, Dr. Frank Baumgartner of Penn State, and Walter Everett enjoy some ice cream at the famous Creamery at Penn State.

Andy in Harrisburg

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