Obama denounces Farrakhan’s endorsement; McCain proudly touts religious bigot’s endorsement

Glenn Greenwald offers such a dead-on perfect analysis of the double standard that exists between the political endorsements of various religious leaders that I’m not even going to try to gild the lily (not that I could) with added comments.

For my money, nobody has been doing a better job than Greenwald at keeping track of the Bush Administration’s utter disdain for civil liberties and the mainstream media’s dismal performance at exposing it.

Greenwald makes it clear that when it comes to those who embrace the trampling of religious freedoms, some church leaders are more palatable to the media than others.

And for those interested in a little context to an important distinction, Jon Swift also offers some terrific insight into the need for Obama to not only denounce, but reject. I mean, it’s about time someone exposed Obama’s Newport Folk Festival connection…

Lauri in York

4 thoughts on “Obama denounces Farrakhan’s endorsement; McCain proudly touts religious bigot’s endorsement

  1. Horray for Glenn Greenwald! McCain might not like the religious right, but he isn’t doing much to distance himself from them… and he promised them continued defference in judicial nominations.

    Let’s have equal opportunity rejection of haters and bigots.

  2. NAFTA is to Clinton as
    Oil is to Bush

    That’s what those Tax returns will reveal.

    Wake up America!

  3. FACT: Gov Rendell’s Health Care Reform mimics that of Sen. Obama’s along with alot of policies he trying to push through?

    I’m confued as to what message he’s attempting to portray by standing behind a candidate who’s full of First Lady exerience.

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