Passing of Molly Ivins

Sadly, columnist Molly Ivins lost her battle with breast cancer this week. In addition to being a witty and insightful writer, she was a huge supporter of the ACLU. She volunteered her time to speak at ACLU functions across the country, including events in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. She appeared in a recent ACLU video, talking about the ACLU’s dedication to the principle of separation of church and state. “That principle,” she said, “is so important that it’s worth being a pain in the ass about. And that’s what the ACLU is.”

I was not personally acquainted with Ms. Ivins, but I do remember distinctly a national ACLU staff conference a few years ago in Austin at which she made an appearance. She invited all 200+ of us in attendance to a party at her house that evening. And she meant it. She was truly a unique person, and a great friend to the Bill of Rights and to the ACLU. She will be missed.

The national ACLU has a nice tribute to her here.

Sara in Philly

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  1. Molly Ivins was a hoot at the Phila Chapter’s annual fundraiser at the Academy of Natural Sciences about four years ago. A terrible loss to the nation that needs voices which are plainspoken, honest, liberty-loving, and really really funny.

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