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Yesterday it was off to Philly for a few meetings, and the trip on the train always provides an opportunity to contemplate while staring out the window at the farmlands of Lancaster County and the industrial lands of Chester County. During yesterday’s trip, I thought a little more about this controversy surrounding U.S. Rep.-elect Keith Ellison.

The opponents of religious liberty are really showing their true colors with this one. Often when we deal with Establishment Clause issues, opponents are able to cloak their hostility using the argument that their freedom is being encroached, and to the non-discriminating listener, this might sound sensible.

But Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) is quite clear: He hates Muslims and immigrants and doesn’t think they should be a part of the political process. That’s wrong and it’s un-American. Clearly, the Rep is hostile to the basic principles of religious freedom and citizen participation in the government. There is a word for that. Tyranny.

Andy in H-burg

1 thought on “More on Ellison

  1. The comment about how some people turn religious persecution around to make it look like *they’re* the ones being repressed is so true.

    So many time, I hear things from people about how the Christians are being persecuted because the atheists and liberals want to remove Christianity entirely from the country (O’Reilly, anyone?)

    They don’t seem to realize all that we’re doing is standing up for our rights, and just because there weren’t enough of us or too many were afraid to speak up for so long doesn’t mean we’re oppressing them. Just because it’s “always been that way” doesn’t make it right.

    I don’t want their religion gone. I just want it out of my life and my government.

    As Weird Al says in “Weasel Stomping Day”:

    So let the stomping fun begin

    Bash their weaselly skulls right in

    It’s tradition – that makes it OK

    Well, folks, it may be tradition to hate anyone who’s not a Christian, but that doesn’t make it ok.

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