War on Christmas 2007, more like a Skirmish on Christmas

Or maybe it’s more like shadow boxing. Nevertheless, it does seem a bit quieter this year on this front. It probably helps that no Fox News anchor has a book to push on the topic, and certain television personalities realized that squawking over the alleged War on Christmas led certain media outlets to do some actual investigating reporting on the issue. Some people whither when exposed to the light.

This article was on the cover of The Patriot News on Sunday: “Greetings” issue cools but only a little bit

How fascinating that a Republican president, who was a retired general, changed the White House Christmas card to say “Season’s Greetings,” and in the midst of McCarthyism, no less.

This particularly caught my eye:

“But at work, we had a big, big discussion, all the supervisors, about what to put on our Christmas, er, holiday cards. And I was very persistent in ‘happy holidays’ because we have a lot of international clients,” she said.

As has been discussed here before in reference to same sex partnerships, the business community tends to be out in front of the politicos and the squawking heads on these issues of embracing diversity.

Andy in H-burg

2 thoughts on “War on Christmas 2007, more like a Skirmish on Christmas

  1. Ya’ gotta love the Religious Right and their unwavering dedication to FEAR. They don’t use the positive side of Christianity to support their beliefs and rally the troops, no siree. They use FEAR against their own kind to rally them round the flag.

    This is nothing to do with Christmas. They’re using FEAR as a simplistic way to forge a group identity. It’s how they operate.

    Christians must band together (and send money and vote for our candidate) because:

    – FEAR: Christmas is under attack by commercial establishments
    – FEAR: Marriage is under attack by gays who want to marry
    – FEAR: God’s word is under attack by those who believe the world is more than 5,000 years old
    – FEAR: Your daughters are under attack by those who think a condom can prevent a pregnancy

    FEAR FEAR FEAR, that’s all they know. It makes me sick, the amount of effort that goes into promioting and responding to a FEAR based agenda.

    Cheers, Neil.

  2. The important thing is that Walmart now has a “Christmas” department to replace their aweful unholy “Holiday” section. That’s what the season is really about, isn’t it?

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