War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

Family Planning means No Birth Control.

From an editorial in last Saturday’s Boston Globe:

BY NOW, Americans might expect President Bush to appoint an opponent of abortion to a key public health position in his administration. But to name an opponent of family planning to oversee the nation’s family planning program is perverse even by the standards of a government that doesn’t much believe in government.

Marblehead gynecologist Eric Keroack’s appointment as deputy assistant secretary for population affairs in the Health and Human Services Department exemplifies the concerns of women’s health advocates who have long warned that the antiabortion movement will not stop at abortion. Dr. Keroack oversees a network of “crisis pregnancy” centers across Massachusetts, where staffers not only try to talk women out of having abortions, but also oppose the use of contraception, even for married couples.

The Washington Post’s editorial on the appointment noted:

To put it simply, the Bush administration’s choice to direct the federal effort to make contraceptives available to low-income women works for a group that doesn’t support using contraception. What comes next — a science adviser who doesn’t believe in evolution?

Well, pretty much.

And unlike the ambassador to the U.N., this position does not have to be confirmed.

Lisa in Pittsburgh

3 thoughts on “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

  1. These people are just idiots.

    They insist on “defending marriage” but do everything they can to thwart it. A healthy sex life is very important to a healthy marriage. Can you imagine how many married couple’s sex lives would be screwed up if contraception wasn’t available? Not to mention the economic impact of the resulting unplanned for children.

    Did I miss the part where the human race needs to shore up its numbers? If these people had their way, there’d be ten billion of us in no time. How many people are enough for these morons?

  2. How many CHRISTIAN people are enough? How many WHITE people are enough? I think part of the underlying and/or subconsious motivation behind these objections to birth control is fear of “race/ethnic/religious suicide”.

    After all, if it wern’t for abortion, we wouldn’t have all those hispanics bothering us! (See article below about linking abortion to economic migration of hispanics.)

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