Think Tank Will Promote Thinking

Such reads a novel headline from the Washington Post today.

Apparently this group of crazies “want science, not faith, at core of public policy.”

Concerned that the voice of science and secularism is growing ever fainter in the White House, on Capitol Hill and in culture, a group of prominent scientists and advocates of strict church-state separation yesterday announced formation of a Washington think tank designed to promote “rationalism” as the basis of public policy.

More specifically…

While the speakers at the National Press Club unveiling were highly critical of Bush administration policies regarding stem cell research, global warming, abstinence-only sex education and the teaching of “intelligent design,” they said that their group was nonpartisan and that many Democrats were hostile to keeping religion out of public policy.

No, this is not some sort of ACLU front group–these are real flesh and blood scientists (of the mainstream variety).

Although I was glad to read about this, it is also sad our political climate has deteriorated to needing a think tank for the promotion of ‘science, not faith’ as the basis of public policy.

Lisa in Pittsburgh

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  1. GAd…next they’ll be wanting a moment of *science* in the classrooms! Where will it all end?

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