South Dakota Abortion Ban Defeated

Well, what a night (and day)! Among other things, here we have been celebrating the defeat of South Dakota’s abortion ban. Voters turned out to repeal this dangerous restriction on women’s reproductive healthcare (breakdown is 56-44).

The ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project has been supporting the activists involved with South Dakota’s Campaign for Healthy Families for months and some staff were able to join them late last week to help make phone calls and go door-to-door to make sure people were aware about what was really at stake. Sondra Goldschein, State Strategies Attorney, wrote in her blog entry:

Someone should tell my body that this race is now over. This morning, I woke up at 6:00am ready to put on my “No on 6” t-shirt and spring into campaign mode. But not today–today is the time to savor these amazing victories against attempts to interfere with our personal and private decisionmaking.

Yes, let’s all savor this moment because we all know that there’s still so much more work to be done. Thanks to ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project, Campaign for Healthy Families, and all the volunteers who live in or traveled to South Dakota for all their hard work.


Julie in Philly

4 thoughts on “South Dakota Abortion Ban Defeated

  1. In other good news, I guess Arizona defeated a gay marriage ban, and here in Oregon the parental notification for abortions went down to defeat 🙂

    I’m almost…. almost… cautiously optimistic.

    Here’s hoping the new guard does something worth being elected 🙂

  2. (Like Oregon, California also rejected a parental notification for abortions referendum by the same 46%-54% margin.) We should all be grateful for these wins, but ever mindful that those who would restrict our private decisions “know” that with God is on their side they can never be wrong, even when they lose a vote. So they shall be back! It’s that conviction that God is guiding them, that the proponents are doing God’s “work”, that makes these issues so contentious. So keep the powder dry and the injunction petitions at the ready.

  3. Yep, that’s the problem with these victories: they have to be won over and over every few years.

    But this time around, we did win, and that’s cause for celebration indeed.

  4. The difficulty with winning these issues is voter turn-out. Even if polls indicate a majority on your side of the issue, they have to get off the couch and go to the polling place. This election gave the opposition plenty of reason to turn out, so the results look a little bit more like the American People’s over-all opinion.

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