Power to the peaceful

Kudos to our friends in Hazleton for their peaceful vigil on Sunday to rally support for their cause in opposing the city’s anti-immigrant ordinance. Nerves were jangled after a similar rally in Riverside, New Jersey, on August 20 got ugly with counter-demonstrators waving Confederate flags, doing Nazi salutes, and throwing eggs and tomatoes at the rally participants.

Much love to Dr. Agapito Lopez, the rally’s organizer who created conditions to minimize confrontation.

If you missed the news on Friday, the Hazleton ordinance is on-hold while the city revises it.

My next question: When is Hazleton’s Unity Festival? An event like those held to counter Fred Phelps and neo-Nazis would be a logical next step in bringing some semblance of positive vibe to the city. Someone should get an organizer on that. Oh, wait. That’s me…

Andy in the HBG

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  1. Um, since when has the ACLU amended its policies to include non-citizens? “Civil Liberties” are limited to AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    ACLU’s stated mission is:

    to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

    — Joe in Pittsburgh

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