The Great American Melting Pot

This is great. It’s “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day” here at the Harrisburg office….not really, but my three-year-old daughter is with me. We’re listening to “Kids’ Stuff” on Sirius, and what just came on a minute ago? “The Great American Melting Pot” from Schoolhouse Rock.

My grandmother came from Russia
A satchel on her knee,
My grandfather had his father’s cap
He brought from Italy.
They’d heard about a country
Where life might let them win,
They paid the fare to America
And there they melted in.

What good ingredients,
Liberty and immigrants.

They brought the country’s customs,
Their language and their ways.
They filled the factories, tilled the soil,
Helped build the U.S.A.
Go on and ask your grandma,
Hear what she has to tell
How great to be an American
And something else as well.

Meanwhile, reactions from the street about our lawsuit are being documented by the media. Here’s one of my favorites:

Waiting downtown for a bus, Lena Zizzo, of McAdoo, said she supports the ordinance because illegal immigrants should “stay where they belong.”

“Why should they come and take everything away? You don’t see me going to Puerto Rico or Guam. Deport the whole lot of them. Chances are, they’re no good,” Zizzo said.

In a nutshell, that sums up everything that’s wrong, from a community standpoint, with the Hazleton ordinance (or Barletta’s Bull, as I call it). It has brought out the worst in people and divides the community through race-baiting. Does this lady realize that both Puerto Rico and Guam are part of the United States? Geez, Louise….

The Times Leader: Citizen reaction to suit as varied as the population

Andy in H-burg

1 thought on “The Great American Melting Pot

  1. hey this is a great pint
    wihtout immigrants, the USA WOULD BE NOTHING
    we are to arrongant to think we can do it without these honest hardworking poeple
    the system is broken, it is our job to fix it
    i am 13, an di hope when i grow up, the wrold will have fixed this problem

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