Pennsylvania’s image problem

On top of the international attention from the intelligent design fiasco, this can’t help Pennsylvania’s image across the pond. Gina, a shift manager at the Blue Comet diner in Hazleton, told the BBC this about immigrants:

“They all come over here and take the jobs, and they get everything for nothing, while we have to work hard for everything that we have,” says Gina

BBC: US town’s battle over immigration

5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania’s image problem

  1. Huh. So I guess all those white Christians on welfare are earning their keep in Gina’s mind?

    I really don’t blame the rest of the world for not liking us anymore. *I* don’t like us anymore.

  2. *I* don’t like us anymore.

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Once upon a time I actually WAS proud of our country and what it stood for. Sigh.

  3. The BBC (and BBC viewers) will unfortunately be used to similar attitudes in many British inner city areas – London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, etc. vis a vis asylum seekers, Pakistani, Indian, Caribbean immigrants, intolerence sadly seems to be becoming more, and not less common.

  4. It’s sad how America’s reputation starting to get bad to worst. Even some of its’ people started to lose faith over it.

  5. ok…she is being quoted from BBC…in the UK

    how are you going to bring up Americans…although it does seem like an American attitude she is projecting.

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