Back to school, back to bigotry

This was posted on the American Family Association of PA’s website:

As summer progresses and we begin to see “Back to School” signs in the store windows, why not consider investigating your school to see if it is allowing the wrong message to be conveyed about homosexuality. Is your school conveying the message that ‘gay is okay.’ Click here for a tool that can be used to help in this investigation. This Risk Audit Survey was developed by Columbus, OH-based Mission America.

Is your school considering a ‘diversity’ or ‘tolerance’ curriculum? Many such curricula are very biased and seek to normalize the homosexual lifestyle. If your school is truly interested in addressing a bullying problem, they need to check this middle and high school curriculum from Dr. Warren Throckmorton, Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Campus Counseling Services at Grove City College.

If you have the time, read the Risk Audit Survey. (Warning: may cause excessive eye rolling, head shaking, and an increase in blood pressure.) Some of the more outrageous quotes:

“[It’s erroneous] that homosexuality is a viewpoint and should be protected by “free speech” constitutional protections. Like smoking, it is actually a high risk behavior. Schools should no more permit homosexual behavior to be presented to children as ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ than smoking or drug abuse should be presented to children as ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable.'”

“Objections to homosexual behavior actually save lives and improve mental and physical health.”

On the issue of tolerance: “Homosexual advocacy takes the idea of being kind and civil and perverts it.”

At the end of the survey, the authors list target school districts by state. In Pennsylvania, the list includes the Erie, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia school districts.

If you hear of a school in your area that’s being targeted by this anti-gay movement, please let us know at

Sara in Philly

4 thoughts on “Back to school, back to bigotry

  1. Hmmm. I wonder exactly what “homosexual activity” is being allowed on school premises that’s dangerous? I mean, I’m hoping they discourage hetero sex on school grounds, so exactly what would the gays be doing to endanger the health and livelihood of other students?

    Oh right. Just being open about being gay challenges their bigotry and hatred. And we all know it’s just plain wrong to have an open mind and accept people for who they are. What were we thinking?

  2. My son attends North Allegheny Intermediate, and I was happy this year past when he joined in a sponsored silence on behalf of a local LGBT group, I guess this means zome zoonie is going to target NAI because of it. Can you post a list of any targets so that “we” have plenty of forewarning ?

  3. Sadly, I know a lot of folks who will push for this crap in the local schools. Their fear -and belief- is that there is a gay army (yes, in pink & blue camo) trying to convert their children from being straight to being gay. It isn’t genetic, or natural, it’s a brainwashing by the gay army to turn your child gay. After your child becomes gay they brainwash them into believing in global warming, force them to use birth control,and then make them watch the ACLU Freedom Files until they believe in civil liberties and other liberal trash. See the grave danger here?

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