Yes, Virginia, the ACLU Represents Christians

I’m sure those of you who have been at all public about your support of the ACLU have encountered those people who think the ACLU is anti-Christian. (I swear there are times when I’ve told strangers where I work that they’ve looked at the top of my head for horns. Thankfully my new ACLU baseball cap hides them well.) While we know all know that’s false, it helps to have some facts to back it up. Here’s a site put together by a volunteer ACLU attorney with a list of cases the ACLU has done that actually support Christians: ACLU Fights for Christians.

4 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, the ACLU Represents Christians

  1. As George Lakoff presents in “Don’t Think of an Elephant,” no matter how many times you present pesky things like “facts” to some people, they just can’t get it.

    For too many people, the “AC” part of ACLU stands for “Anti-Christ”

    You can tell an individual about specific cases, and the most reaction we’ve gotten is “Well, I don’t know about that,” and they stop listening.

    They just don’t want to acknowledge that civil rights are important unless it means they can bypass the Constitution and “keep things the way they should be” with the Christian god being the only one.

    Maybe we can win if we all try to tell just one person that the ACLU DOES help Christians too. Sooner or later, a couple will realize the ACLU isn’t evil, and then maybe a couple more, and in a hundred years or so, we might have made some progress!

  2. The ACLU represents Christians… But not the right SORT of Christians! Street preachers, prisoners, etc. don’t realy warrent much sympathy amoungst their more conventional brethren. They are all sort of kooky. Especially the ones that show up and protest at MILITARY funurals. I think there are a lot of Christians who would just like those screw-balls to go away. But guess who is helping them out!

  3. Actually, the ACLU has also represented students in public schools who have had their free speech illegally restricted when it came to displaying their religious beliefs.

    People who want to hate the ACLU will always focus on the cases where a “reasonable” person would say “HANG ‘EM!” but the ACLU steps in to save them.

    The problem, of course, is that we can’t pick and choose to WHOM our laws apply. They apply to everyone, or they apply to no one.

    So many people think we should forget silly things like civil rights and the Constitution when they don’t agree with the law. The ACLU is here to remind people that our laws are here to protect all of us, not just the “good” folk.

    I know a lot of people who would feel that as an atheist, I shouldn’t have the same rights as the Christians. But as long as we have a Supreme Court willing to do what’s right, we won’t be a theocracy yet.

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