Miltary’s new "Don’t Act, Don’t Tell" policy

Although the military’s idiotic policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is anything but funny, I couldn’t help but laugh at this paragraph in a NY Times article today about a decorated sergeant and Arabic language specialist who was dismissed from the U.S. Army under the policy:

On Dec. 2, investigators formally interviewed Copas and asked if he understood the military’s policy on homosexuals, if he had any close acquaintances who were gay, and if he was involved in community theater.

What, no questions about liking Barbara Streisand?

1 thought on “Miltary’s new "Don’t Act, Don’t Tell" policy

  1. Hmmm… so what happens if they run into a straight soldier who’s involved with theater? Do they get kicked out, too?

    The ignorance is completely stagerring, isn’t it?

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