Lancaster: Another welcoming city

Nice to see Lancaster on the list as a city that is open to all.

Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray said the (Hazleton) ordinance is “insensitive.”

“I think Lancaster has a rich cultural heritage, and many of those who contributed to the area came here as Pennsylvania Dutch,” he said.

“So Lancaster natives should be more sensitive to those who want to maintain their culture but do not yet speak English.”

Gray said many legal citizens aren’t fluent in English and should not be subjected to higher scrutiny.

Andy in the HBG

1 thought on “Lancaster: Another welcoming city

  1. This is exactly what I’ve been hoping for!

    So many people in this country will tell you privately “Well, we’re not extremists about those topics” but won’t say anything in public.

    This leads to the impression that more people are pushing a radical agenda than really are, and peer pressure is a powerful force among the uneducated and ignorant.

    It’s so refreshing to see public figures and areas finally coming out of the woodwork to say “We’re NOT like that! And we’re PROUD that we’re not!”

    Maybe more and more people who agree with us will make public statements so people can see they don’t have to feel alone!

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