Calling a spade a spade

Edit: Maybe using the “-ist” word is a little too harsh. Let’s just say that Seate knows racism when he sees it.

Mike Seate of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review calls out the anti-immigration crowd for what it is today with an assist from the AG’s office:

Despite census estimates of a maximum of 50,000 illegals statewide, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli claims the number of illegal Mexicans living in Pennsylvania is five times that.

“They’re responsible for most of the rapes and serious crimes in this part of the state,” said Morganelli, who operates an anti-immigrant Web site.

U.S. Rep. Melissa Hart’s Internet site claims at least 100,000 illegals are in our midst, and the Bradford Woods Republican warns that “many are engaged in criminal activity.”

If you listen to these folks, you’ll have trouble opening a bag of potato chips or putting on your ball cap without first shaking out dozens of knife-wielding, crime-crazed illegal immigrants.

Worse yet, blaming immigrants for crime is one of the oldest — and, unfortunately, most effective — campaign tools in the political arsenal.

Seate didn’t use the “R” word, but he walked up to the line.

One person speaking sense on this issue is Nils Frederiksen, spokesman for state Attorney General Tom Corbett. After declining to speculate about the number of illegals allegedly invading our state, Frederiksen said, “Whether or not a person has illegal or legal immigrant status does not really factor into whether they’re a criminal.”

Mike Seate, Pgh Tribune Review: Does PA need a border patrol?

Andy in H-burg