Warning: Reading this may cause increased risk of outrage

Wow. That’s all I can say about some of what came out at yesterday’s hearings on the treatment of detainees. From today’s Washington Post:

As Congress opened hearings yesterday on the treatment of terrorism detainees, the Bush administration’s view was neatly summarized by Steven Bradbury, the Justice Department lawyer serving as lead witness. “The president,” Bradbury said, “is always right.” Rest of article.


2 thoughts on “Warning: Reading this may cause increased risk of outrage

  1. What scares me is how many Americans think the same way. Bush should be able to do *anything* he wants because of his office, even if it means torture and killing.

  2. Chilling is the only way to decribe the administration’s pretensions. I do hope that someone, preferably many, stand up to Bush. He’s destroying the very thing that makes this country worthwhile as a home.

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