Booyakasha! A Victory for PA Families!!

Something to be really happy about…

The PA General Assembly has failed to pass the proposed ‘Marriage Protection’ amendment, House Bill 2381, prior to the summer recess. One version passed the House in early June, and the Senate passed a slightly less evil version of the amendment a few weeks later. The House and Senate couldn’t agree on an identical version to pass before breaking for the summer, so the legislation has failed.

Why is this so important?

In order for a constitutional amendment to be put before Pennsylvania’s voters on a ballot, the amendment must pass both the Senate and House in two consecutive legislative session and it must have identical language each time it is passed. So this year (2005-2006) won’t count.

And why is that so important?

Because now it can’t get on the 2008 ballot, which we suspected was the driving force behind all of this nonsense anyhow.

Also, we know that all our calls, emails, and visits made a difference. We made the price much higher for passing this sort of legislation, and the legislature did not have enough support to go through with it.

So celebrate–have a great Fourth of July!!

2 thoughts on “Booyakasha! A Victory for PA Families!!

  1. Congratulations, PA! This is one of the few (only?) victories in this area in the country!

    It’s nice to have something to celebrate tomorrow that involves our freedom!

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