Geno’s Law?

This just in – our legislative director just called to tell us that two administrative bills in the state House up for a vote tomorrow will be amended to include a provision that would make English the official language of PA. (For those who might want to call your representatives, the bills being amended are HB 1569 and SB 810, both in the House.)

(I know one cheesesteak seller in Philly who must be pretty happy right now…)

4 thoughts on “Geno’s Law?

  1. I *hate* how easy it is for people to amend bills to include things that have no business being lumped together! It makes it so easy for people to try to sneak something in, or put it with something that can’t be defeated so you have to approve the amendment in order to get the real bill you want or need.

    That worst part? Come election time, all this petty diversion will pay off. People will ignore the real problems and vote again for “God’s party.”

    I mean, didn’t they say that God is the chairman of the party?

  2. Will this mean we can now ban all that confusing latin on money minted in Philadelphia?

    Will we now arrest Marines that say Semper Fi when on official duty?

    It is important that we all speak God’s English in this country.

  3. We are the joke of the world…the most monolingual country on the planet scurrying to declare an official language. Show me one immigrant who doesn’t want to learn English or put every dime they own into making sure that their children learn it. Meanwhile, here we are spending time, money and effort on a bill that says “Yeah, uh-huh, that’s right…you’d BETTER learn English!” Diversion is an understatement. This is brainwashing.

    I’m literally embarrassed.

  4. I’m not sure how to encourage it, but two can play the amendment game. Whenever a “offical language” ammendment comes up, an additional ammendment should be added to provide FREE, UNIVERSAL, COMPULSARY English classes for everyone and anyone who needs it. With both ammendments, the bill is likely to fail.

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