Marriage amendment: The plot thickens

Senate OKs rewritten marriage proposal

This is hot:

“If anyone’s marriage is threatened because two people love each other and they happen to be the same sex, then God help your marriage,” (Senator Vince) Fumo (D-Philadelphia) said, dismissing the argument that this is about protecting the sanctity of marriage. If that’s the case, he said maybe the state should outlaw divorce.

Andy in the HBG

2 thoughts on “Marriage amendment: The plot thickens

  1. My wife is actually debating this with someone on a forum. The Uber-Christians are *convinced* that the very existence of gays having “gay sex” is pulling down the morals of this country and everyone in it.

    Amazing how weak their faith and values are if someone being loving in the privacy of their own home can destroy the devout believer’s resolve.

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