The Gray Lady goes fox hunting

The NY Times went after our senior senator in an editorial today:

Mr. Specter – who last week was bemoaning the fact that Mr. Cheney watched him pass by twice at a Senate buffet lunch without mentioning that he had just stabbed him in the back – still thinks it’s a good sign that the vice president’s office offered to review his legislation and suggest changes. Mr. Cheney and his underlings are the problem, not the solution, and Mr. Specter should realize that by now. Mr. Specter has the votes to subpoena the executives. All he has to do is drop his idea of meeting behind closed doors, and side with the panel’s Democrats, who want to have the hearing in full view of the Americans whose rights are being violated.

The Times’ position is not surprising, but it’s nice to see it in print.

Andy in H-burg