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Warrantless wiretapping, tracking the phone calls of millions of Americans, presidential signing statements signaling the president’s willingness to ignore the law, torture, secret prisons, kidnapping, and spying on peaceful political groups like the Thomas Merton Center and PETA weren’t enough to lead the Congress to realize that we are dealing with an executive branch that is abusing its power and that the legislative branch has an obligation to check this overreaching. But a nighttime search of a representative’s office has awakened Congress from it’s slumber/stupor.

Caroline Fredrickson, director of our Washington Legislative Office, had this to say:

As Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Sensenbrenner can seek to compel administration officials to testify on these gross violations of privacy and fundamental freedoms. The recent search of one congressional office by federal law enforcement officials has made some members of Congress keenly aware of the White House’s extraordinary claims of executive power. We hope that this outrage and concern, which hits home for lawmakers, extends to the millions of Americans whose call information and conversations have been monitored by the National Security Agency without a court order. Congress must put an end to the administration’s stonewalling and investigate these gross abuses of power.

ACLU applauds Chairman Sensenbrenner hearing on Capitol Hill search, says other Bush Administration conduct must be examined

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1 thought on “Pleased to meet me

  1. Isn’t it interesting that, as long as it’s happening to “those other folks,” Congress doesn’t have a problem with it?

    But all of a sudden, all their dirty laundry might be exposed, and we get “You can’t do that! It’s not constitutional and a breach of the separation of powers!”

    I know a lot of people are offended by the comparison of the Bush era to Nazi Germany, but it seems to be more and more true.

    Hitler never seized power. It was given to him because of fear and promises.

    And no one spoke up for those he was eliminating until it came too close to home.

    Are we finally there? Are we starting to see people realize what they’ve done to their own country by remaining silent while Bush eliminates one civil right after another?

    Time will tell. But we have a memory box we started when our son was born in 2000. It contains all of the things that Bush has done to this country. We want him to know when he’s an adult and asks if America was ever a free country that we were, until W and his ilk took over.

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