Join us on Tuesday to Tell Specter to Investigate – Not Legislate!

Our national office recently alerted us to the fact that Arlen Specter – you know, the one who walks around threatening the funding of the NSA unless more information comes out about illegal spying, who repeatedly asks “where’s the outrage?” about the secret spying – will be introducing a really, really bad bill on the NSA as soon as next Thursday. It would retroactively authorize the president and NSA’s actions, expand the executive branch’s powers and make judicial checks to protect innocent Americans optional.

But we’re not taking this lying down. We’re organizing an emergency press conference/demonstration next Tuesday at 12:30pm outside the Federal Building in Philadelphia (where Specter’s Philly office is) on the 6th street side. Bob Barr, the former congressman, will be a featured speaker.

It’s really important that we get as many people as possible to attend. We want to show Specter that the outrage is right HERE!

Sara in Philly

5 thoughts on “Join us on Tuesday to Tell Specter to Investigate – Not Legislate!

  1. Forget Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends. Wake me up when the November election’s over.

    The frantic attempts by the right to appease their ultra conservative base is sickening. Forget tackling real problems like the deficit or out of control federal spending or the quagmire in Iraq or the failure to find the most wanted Osama in the world. Oh no, the election’s in 6 months and the Republicans have their back against the wall so they’re focusing on:

    – Immigrant bashing
    – Fake law and order campaigns
    – Gay bashing
    – Non-Christian bashing

    The Right is so filled with hate and venom it is sickening. You’d think that with control of everything, the Right would have used their power in a more enlightened way, but nooo.

    They blew their opportunity big time. They’ve created the largest Federal government in history, screwed up their war for oil, created the largest Federal deficit in history, put their head in the sand over global warming, accelerated environmental destruction, think that “God created it” is valid science…

    And they think this was better than a President who didn’t admit to a blow job?

    Sorry for the rant. The accumulation of assaults on our psyche documented in this blog is way too depressing.

    Keep up the good work – knowledge is power.

    Cheers, Neil.

  2. I’m with you on this. I actually didn’t comment on this when I saw it earlier because I just couldn’t take it any more. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to what they’ll do, and there’s not enough brave souls in congress to stand up to this to make a difference.

    They got everything they ever wanted, and they’re doing everything in their power to make sure we pay the price for generations to come.

    I’m not a depressive type by nature, but this is really whittling away at me.

  3. Working on this stuff everyday I can usually keep it together and stay centered, but like you guys, this morning I had one of those “how much more can we take” moments.

    I received an e-mail from one of our immigrants rights allies regarding the “english only” measures that passed the Senate late last week, and I just started to feel a little lump in my throat. This is madness!

    The e-mail led me to think about all the people who could be hurt by this, people like the Pachecos of Luzerne County. Ana and Alberto lost their three children for a year simply because the county failed to provide them with an interpreter in court. Our H-burg staff attorney, Paula Knudsen fought like hell on their behalf and won. The Dept of HHS opened a review of a state agency to ensure that they were following civil rights laws.

    What would this “english only” legislation mean for people like the Pachecos? Or, as another example, what would it mean for victims of domestic violence who have limited english abilities? Or those who need healthcare?

    This is madness, and our two senators continue to play right along with it.

    Andy in Harrisburg

  4. Yet another straw… Gonzales has said the government will certainly track reporters’ calls to see if they’re breaking laws, and won’t say whether or not the NY Times will be prosecuted for breaking the NSA wiretapping story.

    His defense is that freedom of the press should not be absolute when national security is at stake.

    Can someone please explain to me how it’s possible for the government to start an illegal program, cover it up saying it’s necessary for national security, and then possibly prosecute a news outlet for revealing the illegality of the whole thing?

    How can this be happening? What can we do to stop this?

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