Specter threatens to block surveillance funding

It will be interesting to see how far Sen. Arlen Specter goes with his threat to withhold funding for Pres. Bush’s domestic spying program unless Bush provides more information on NSA surveillance activities to Congress.

Yesterday Specter filed an amendment to a spending bill, according to the AP, would “enact a ‘prohibition on use of funds for domestic electronic surveillance for foreign intelligence purposes unless Congress is kept fully and currently informed.'”

Of course Specter said he’s stand firm for meaningful reform to the Patriot Act, and we all know how that turned out.

1 thought on “Specter threatens to block surveillance funding

  1. Sometimes I wonder if it’s all just about the posturing. Making a show of some kind of ethics seems to be enough for most people now. Why bother to follow through with convictions when you can always say “But I was opposed, see?”

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