Gay Marriage and Falconry

Great column in yesterday’s Tribune-Review on Metcalfe’s Marriage Protection Amendment. Some excerpts…

Metcalfe is determined to ensure that marriage stays an uplifting, spiritual union between a man and a woman that only occasionally results in bitter unhappiness, clinical depression, mid-afternoon binge drinking, chronic infidelity, noisy late-night arguments, broken furniture, protection-from-abuse orders and violent, premature death.

Regardless of your opinion on same-sex marriage, know this about Metcalfe’s anti-brokeback bill: It is entirely unnecessary, as superfluous and manipulative a piece of legislation as you currently will find making its way through the Capitol’s semi-corrupt corridors.

The columnist imagines future Metcalfe initiatives.

Metcalfe calls for a constitutional amendment restricting state falconry permits to those16 and older. Current law requires falconry permit applicants to be at least a year younger than 17.

“You don’t want some activist judge to come along and rule that everyone should be able to hunt with the assistance of birds of prey, regardless of age,” he says. “Before you know it, every pony leaguer, Cub Scout and preschooler would be walking around with a darn falcon perched on his shoulder.”

Lisa in Pittsburgh