Too Little, Way Too Late

I don’t expect better from the government these days, but none the less, its blatant politics continue to amaze and appall me. From a press release from the national ACLU office:

Less than six weeks after the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, the government has given up its legal battle over a gag order on Connecticut librarians affected by a controversial provision of the law, which will allow them to speak publicly for the first time about their objections to secret FBI demands for patrons’ library and e-mail records.

Why am I appalled? Because the government deliberately fought the release of the identity of the Connecticut librarians so that they could not participate in the debate on the Patriot Act. Now that it’s been renewed, the government has dropped its opposition. So much for their claim that revealing the name of the librarians who received national securisubpoenasnas would cause “irreparable harm.”

To add insult to injury, it should be noted that government lawyers inadvertently revealed the name of our clients (the Library Connection of Windsor, Conn. – whew, now we can say it!) after they failed to redact all references in court filings. The name was then published in the NY Times and other newspapers. Despite the fact that their identity had become known, our clients still were not allowed to participate in the Patriot Act debate.

3 thoughts on “Too Little, Way Too Late

  1. OK following recent revelations regarding DeLay, Cheney, et al, I thought it would be obvious, to these people –
    Winning is everything.
    Cheating to win is acceptable. Silencing or where unable to silence the opposition smearing them is similarly acceptable. Lying to the general public is expected.
    Spying on the general public to gain political advantage is acceptable.
    Stealing elections is expected, forcing states / counties to accept machines and/or software to aid in that is accepted.

    Richard M Nixon was a rank amateur compared to this lot.

  2. What truly bothers me the most is that people are just willing to accept this! It’s ok to give up some freedoms in the name of protection. It’s irrelvant to them that the dangers we’re being told we are facing are being manufactured by our government.

    It’s just like the Supreme Court declining to hear the case of the “enemy combatant” being held at Guantanamo. Just when the government knew his case was going to go to the Supreme Court, they decided to give him a trial in Miami. And since he had a trial scheduled, his case for being held unlawfully without charges was irrelevant. So, case dismissed.

    Our government really has refined the ability to crush civil rights and wrap in a sweet smell the ignorant will accept.

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