Look what suddenly emerged…

Have all of you Dover trial devotees checked out Tiktaalik roseae, yet? She’s a sweet 375-million-year-old fish said to be the “long-sought missing link in the evolution of some fishes from water to a life walking on four limbs on land.”

I will leave the details to the science folk, who actually know what they’re talking about on this one. From Corante:

“So why is Tiktaalik big news and not news at all? It is big news because it
blurs the distinction between fish and tetrapod more spectacularly than ever
before. It is no news at all, because it is just the sort of creature that one
would predict from previously discovered fossils. Its place on our family tree
has been cleared and waiting for some time now. And now it’s filled.

There are some nice pics on Pharyngula that put Tiktaalik in context.

From the NY Times story:

“The fish has been named Tiktaalik roseae, at the suggestion of elders of
Canada’s Nunavut Territory. Tiktaalik (pronounced tic-TAH-lick) means “large
shallow water fish.””

Tiktaalik, welcome to the fossil record.
Amy Laura from Philly

3 thoughts on “Look what suddenly emerged…

  1. Too funny! Yet another example of waiting for science to fill in a gap without needing a supernatural explanation!

    I wish people who believe in the “controversy” of evolution would just realize that science is the ultimate “we don’t know everything” group. We KNOW we don’t, and that’s why we keep trying to learn more!

  2. Before the congratulations start, we must consider the standard fundamentalist response – “HA HA ! Now there are TWO gaps ! At this rate evolution will be dead within a decade !” Consider, as far as they are concerned, prior to this fossil there was a “gap” between fish and tetrapods, now there is a “gap” between fish and tetrahlik, and between tetrahlik and tetrapods, as far as creationists are concerned a net gain of one gap.

  3. LOL!

    Ah yes, and using the “logical” method on numbers, if I start 10 feet away from a wall, and walk halfway to it, then halfway again, and again, and again… I will *never* reach the wall, since it only *approaches* zero and never reaches it!

    That could explain why the creationists will never advance in science, since they’re stuck infinitessimally far from the wall!

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