Ain’t Nothing But A (FOIA) Party

In response to last week’s disclosure of spying on peaceful TMC activities in Pittsburgh, the FBI claimed that they were in the process of investigating individuals rather than groups. Of course, if you actually read through the released documents, it is clear the FBI’s ‘justification’ (such as it is) is downright silly.

They gave us a good idea, though. Let’s all start filing individual FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests and see what they really have on individual citizens. So we decided to host a series of individual ‘File Your Own FOIA Request’ trainings across Pennsylvania.

We have upcoming trainings in Philly on March 22nd and Pittsburgh on March 29th, with more to follow in other parts of the state.

I’m kind of curious to file one for myself. Not that I have an exaggerated sense of self-importance…I don’t think I pose a great threat to the United State government. Then again, neither does the Thomas Merton Center.

Maybe it’s kind of like your birthday. You think no one cares enough about you to get you something, and then SURPRISE!

Lisa in Pittsburgh

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  1. Damn, I missed the training. Something like that might also be a good feature for the blog or, if someone could write it up. I am sure a lot of the PA bloggers would link to it (read: I’ll make them).


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