I think I’ve mentioned before that I like to reassure myself every once in awhile that other states are crazier than ours. Here’s a great example. It’s from Oklahoma (okay, I realize its shooting fish in a barrel to find something wacky in Oklahoma, but give me a break, it’s a Friday.)

Ten Commandments bill OK’d
By John Greiner
The Oklahoman

March 13, 2006

State senators passed legislation today to help county officials who want to display the Ten Commandments on public property but fear lawsuits if they do. The purpose of the legislation is to provide financial resources so the American Civil Liberties Union does not intimidate county officials who want to erect a display of the Ten Commandments, Sen. James Williamson said.

Haskell County commissioners erected an 8-foot-tall granite slab displaying the Ten Commandments last year. The county has been sued by the ACLU on behalf of a disabled veteran.

The legislation would apply only to a display of the Ten Commandments and only if it is constitutional under U.S. Supreme Court guidelines, said Williamson, a Tulsa Republican who is running for governor. It would not apply to displays of other religions, he said.

I particularly enjoy the last part about how it doesn’t apply to other religions. Yeah, that’s SO constitutional.

Sara in Philly

5 thoughts on “Oklahoma!

  1. I like the bit about being supported only if it is legal ‘under ussc guidelines’. Strikes me that this means the state will back a locality only if they win. If they lose a case, they’re on their own.

    It does kind of beg the question: *which* Ten commandments, though.

  2. It seems like they’re counting on a Bush-leaning Supreme Court like South Dakota is.

    I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a *lot* more cases lining up to see if they have enough Christian-leaning justices yet to ignore the Constitution.

    We know it shouldn’t have an effect, but we’ve already seen too many cases where it has.

  3. A local pastor who I’ve talked with and who I’ve tried to egg into getting more involved tells me that Roy Moore and his bunch are committing the sin of idolatry by turning The 10 C’s into an idol. Now if I could just convince The Rev to get public….

    Andy in H-burg

  4. That would be so wonderful! One of the problems I see is that, while I *know* that the majority of Christians understand that this sort of thing is wrong, not enough are speaking out against it!

    It’s like the post-9/11 Muslims in this country. Many people feel that they should have been more vocal in condemning the attacks, rather than quietly denouncing them.

    People grow to assume the entire group feels the same as a minority simply because dissenters are afraid to, or simply don’t, speak up.

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