Tomorrow, March 8, marks the 35th anniversary of the break in of an FBI office in Media, PA, that lead to the exposure of the FBI’s now-infamous COINTELPRO (counter intelligence program).

The occasion will be marked by an event in Media, PA, entitled “A Celebration of Democracy, Dissent, & Civil Liberties,” at the Delaware County Courthouse, Front St. & Veterans Sq., in Media, PA, just across the street from the site of the Media FBI office 35 years ago, at 4 pm tomorrow (Wed.).

Featured speakers include Paul Hetznecker, human rights attorney in Philadelphia; Sara Mullen, Associate Director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania (yours truly); and Max Obuszewski from American Friends Service Committee in Baltimore, MD, who was spied upon by the National Security Agency [NSA], and Beth Centz, co-founder of the Brandywine Peace Community, who was asked to be a FBI “informant” in the wake of the Media FBI break-in.

As you might expect, there might be just a few comparisons drawn between COINTELPRO and the current targeting by the government of anti-war groups and other critics of those in power. For a great resource about all the government spying, check out the national ACLU’s website,

If you’re interested in taking a look at what the FBI break-in uncovered, check out Brandywine Peace Community’s website. Scroll down to check out the pdf (which is really large, I warn you) with copies of the actual stolen files.

Sara in Philly