Voter fraud does not exist in PA

Yesterday we told you

the voter fraud that ID would stop does not exist in the Commonwealth.

Today the Patriot News of Harrisburg confirmed it.

With all the debate over whether voters should show identification when they come to the polls, some might think the courts are clogged with ballot-casting miscreants after every election.


Local election and law enforcement officials said they can count on one hand, with fingers left over, prosecutions against people who tried to vote twice or pretended to be someone else to cast a ballot.

Patriot News: Voter fraud rarely occurs, officials say

1 thought on “Voter fraud does not exist in PA

  1. Sure the Patriot News from Harrisburg reports this. Philadelphia is where the fraud is.
    The idea that only a few cases for “voting twice” being PROSECUTED means nothing. The Democrat machine in Philadelphia isn’t going to let anyone be prosecuted. Fraud occurs in Philadelphia in every major election. The ID bill would also stop the practice of having voting booths in peoples homes and bars.
    This occurs in Philadelphia. Some political leaders have voting places in their own homes. Rendell is just protecting his “votes” by not signing the bill.
    24 states have voter ID laws. Rendell says that the poor and elderly will not be able to vote if this becomes law. The bill states that almost anything could be used for ID. Some states also provide free ID for people who can’t afford them. Rendell is just lying like a typical liberal when he states his reasons for not signing the Voter ID bill.

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