More Abu Ghraib photos surface

An Australian television network today broadcast what it said were previously unpublished images of abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison. Some of the newly broadcast pictures suggest further abuse such as killing, torture and sexual humiliation, according to Special Broadcasting Services’s “Dateline” current affairs program.

The ACLU filed a request on Oct. 7, 2003, under the Freedom of Information Act demanding the release of information about detainees held overseas by the United States, including information and images of abuse in Abu Ghraib. This website contains records the government has released under court order. It’s a chilling list, including evidence of killing of detainees and cover-ups.

The government has been most resistant to releasing photographs. In September 2005, a federal judge in New York ruled that the government must turn over the Abu Ghraib images, as well as other visual evidence of abuse, noting “the freedoms that we champion are as important to our success in Iraq and Afghanistan as the guns and missiles with which our troops are armed.” The decision is currently on appeal by the government.