A day without an immigrant

Proclamation for responsible immigration reform
Whereas the first Americans declared that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life,
Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”
Whereas we are not sojourners but active participants in the economy and share in building the American Dream.
Whereas our contributions far outweigh the emergency support we are
sometimes force to ask for
Whereas some people feel threatened by our presence even though we are people drawn to the light of freedom…

More that twelve hundred undocumented and documented immigrants and their allies stayed home from work and took to the streets in Philadelphia today, to voice the importance of immigrant workers to the local economy and the need for comprehensive immigration reform. This “Day without an Immigrant” also calls attention to the Sensenbrenner – King Bill, which threatens to erode due process and criminalize not only undocumented immigrant status, but organizations that assist undocumented immigrants. With rumors of raids by immigration officials running rampant through the city a couple weeks ago, the huge turnout for the demonstration was significant and impressive.

In preparation for the demo, participants handed letters to their employers which explained why they were staying home from work and asked them to advocate for reform. The goal was to demonstrate what the city and its ecomony would be like without its immigrant communities and workers.

The counter protesters were out in force. All five of them. But the Minutemen put out a press release calling for the investigation and prosecution of employers that hire undocumented immigrants.

Amy Laura in Philly

3 thoughts on “A day without an immigrant

  1. And I bet thousands of Americans lines up for their jobs in the fields while they were there marching. Uh Huh.

  2. its a shame that not enough people are making the very distinct diffeeence between legal immigrants (of which I am one and proud of it), who take the time and effort to fill out all the documentation, jump through the hoops to enter this woonderful, and the illegal immigrants, who cannot be bothered to do this, sneak over the borders and hide out, keeping a low profile for anumber of years, and then protest when someone shines a light on them. Guess what illegal means OUTSIDE THE LAW..!..they snuck in, crept in like criminals, and it makes no diffrenece if they are working for low wages or high earners and paynig lots of taxes, though nomost take more than they give…they are here ILLEGALLY, and so should be arrested, and deported as soon as possible, regardless of RACE, COLOUR, RELIGION, CREED, or CIRCUMSTANCES.

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