Show your support for Sam Smith!

Several people have asked how they can show their support for Sam Smith, the 14-year-old who refused to stand for the pledge and has since been ridiculed in two newspaper editorials (one in the Inquirer and another in the Express Times). Here’s what you can do:

1. Write a letter to the editor to either the Inquirer or the Express Times. If you send us a copy of your letter, we will forward them to Sam (so he’ll see it even if it doesn’t get published).

2. Write a letter directly to Sam care of the ACLU. We’ll forward them along. (Our mailing address is P.O. Box 40008, Philadelphia, PA 19106.)

3. Send us an email at (delete the extra spaces on either side of the @ sign) with “Sam Smith” in the subject line. We’ll print them out and forward them to Sam.

Thanks for your interest in supporting this courageous young man!

1 thought on “Show your support for Sam Smith!

  1. It’s misleading to refer to the piece in the Inquirer as an “editorial.” It was an op-ed. An editorial expresses the views of the newspaper’s own editorial board. The op-ed was by a “freelance writer” whose credentials and axe-to-grind were not disclosed. Big difference.

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