It’s "safe and free," not "less safe and less free"

The President, the Vice President, and the former head of the NSA have all claimed that the warrant-free spying program could have prevented the attacks of September 11, 2001, a claim since debunked. Then there’s this article from Insight on the News, which is published by the same company that publishes the Washington Times.

The Bush administration’s surveillance policy has failed to make a dent in the war against al Qaeda.

U.S. law enforcement sources said that more than four years of surveillance by the National Security Agency has failed to capture any high-level al Qaeda operative in the United States. They said al Qaeda insurgents have long stopped using the phones and even computers to relay messages. Instead, they employ couriers.

“They have been way ahead of us in communications security,” a law enforcement source said. “At most, we have caught some riff-raff. But the heavies remain free and we believe some of them are in the United States.”

(Thanks to America Blog for pulling this one out for all to see.)

Andy in H-burg