ACLU-TV: Another medium conquered

After five months of broadcasting the ACLU Freedom Files on satellite television’s Link TV, internet streaming, and the campus network Zilo TV, we’re going back to the future this weekend with the show’s premiere on that newfangled technology- cable television. On Saturday at noon, the Freedom Files will air on Court TV at 12pm.

ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero will appear on Catherine Crier Live tonight at 5pm to discuss the episode, which focuses on religious liberty and includes discussion on the Dover case with Bryan and Christy Rehm, two of the plaintiffs in the case. A trailer is available now at the show’s website.

And, of course, you can catch the show tonight on Link TV.

Once it airs on both networks, the episode will be available on the website, where you can currently view past episodes on racial profiling, dissent, the Supreme Court, and the Patriot Act.