A Good Day in Dover

Although it wasn’t exactly a surprise, it was still nice to hear that the Dover Area school board voted 7-1 last night against appealing Judge Jones’ ruling on intelligent. The lone holdout was Heather Geesey, who (surprise) voted for the intelligent design statement and is the only current board member who was in office in 2004. Here’s the complete York Daily Record story.

In related news, plaintiff Brian Rehm won the runoff vote for the final Dover school board seat. Because of a voting machine malfunction during the Nov. 8 election, a special election was held yesterday at one precinct between Rehm and James Cashman, who had been an incumbent.

1 thought on “A Good Day in Dover

  1. From the York Daily Record –
    Tuesday night, former Dover school board member Sheila Harkins said during public comment that she had talked to the district’s attorney, Stephen Russell, about the legality of mentioning intelligent design. She said he had in turn talked to the American Civil Liberties Union and returned to her saying there was no constitutional issue.

    Tuesday evening, Russell remained quiet. Wednesday, he said he didn’t respond because he was in shock and he didn’t want to get into an argument.

    “Sheila Harkins would not have talked to me because I would have billed her for talking to me, and she would not have wanted to pay me,” Russell said.

    He said he didn’t talk to anyone from the ACLU about intelligent design, so he couldn’t have relayed an opinion from them to her.

    Court testimony indicated he advised the district it had potential liability.

    So yet another former board member with fiery pants then.

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