ACLU finally busted in War on Christmas

To bring an end to the bloody war on Christmas, the ACLU of Texas has turned us in.
Operation Kill Christmas: Scenes from the War Room

Atop every mountain we’ve secretly placed an army of green grinches prepared to sled down on Christmas morning into towns across America to steal presents from toddlers.

Don’t believe it? I tell you I’ve seen the secret grinch training facilities.

The War Room for Operation Kill Christmas lies in a bunker deep underground. That’s also where we keep all our Communists. I know most of you thought Communism was dead after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s not true. They’re all huddled deep underground in our secret ACLU bunker.

I knew that ACLU-TX was the Benedict Arnold amongst us. What they say must be true: Don’t mess with Texas.

2 thoughts on “ACLU finally busted in War on Christmas

  1. When Faux News gets it wrong 100 percent of the time, you gotta figure they know what is right.

  2. I had a guy tell me the other day that there was something going around the (conservative circles of) the internet exhorting everyone to send millions of Xmas cards to the ACLU in order to “overwhelm” them, because the ACLU was behind the Xmas pleasantries controversy. I didn’t know the ACLU was against free speech! Shame on you.

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