FBI? Surveillance?

“Ecoterror is any crime committed in the name of saving nature.”

“The Catholic Workers Group also advocates a communist distribution of resources.”

“[PETA hires} interns from Asia and otherlocations for the sole purpose of committing criminal acts.”(excerpts from FBI Files)

As the ACLU has been documenting the surveillance activities of the federal government through our “FBI Spy Files Project,” we were not shocked to see the front page New York Times article that highlighted FBI “intelligence-gathering operations that involved, at least indirectly, groups active in causes as diverse as the environment, animal cruelty and poverty relief.” We’re pleased, though, to see that someone’s paying attention (finally) and at a time that might just impact the future of the PATRIOT Act. What that future looks like is anyone’s best guess, but we applaud the efforts of some Senators to take a stand in this big game of chicken.

The latest from PA’s senior senator is this:

“Specter said he is trying to broker a deal that would allow the Senate to pass the current legislation “on my commitment to take up issues that they are so worried about. We’d have hearings early next year and consider the amendments, no commitment as to passage, but give consideration to that so we don’t have the Patriot Act lapse, since it’s important to America.”

In the meantime, here’s a DIY guide to filing your own personal Freedom of Information Act Request.

3 thoughts on “FBI? Surveillance?

  1. “Ecoterror is any crime committed in the name of saving nature.”

    Those who oppose nature should not be allowed to eat. Give them a concrete garden to survive off of and see how quickly their tune changes. Wait…are concrete gardens mentions in Pandas?

  2. “Specter said he…”
    Another Republican saying “just trust me”.
    What I have seen is that they have no problem at all breaking promises. Do it all the time. I hope the Dems in Congress don’t fall for that one again. Spectre’s words indicate that he does know right from wrong, but will he DO what’s right? Hmmm.

  3. Ecoterrorists have no value as humans, no matter the righteousness of their case.

    That being said, I notice a guide to filing a FIOA request within this day’s blog. Is there a similar creature for filing a so-called sunshine request under whatever PA statute there is?

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