13 thoughts on “**Dover decision to be announced tomorrow!**

  1. I’m hoping the Judge tackles all the issues here to establish a legal record respecting constitutional separation of church and state.

  2. It’s already “tomorrow” here in Australia… that means I’ll have to wait until Wednesday…

  3. Sometimes I think it would be OK to teach ID in biology class.
    The whole lesson would be one sentence that says, “It is best to accept the great mysteries of life and go about solving them instead of inventing magical solutions to explain them.
    My son is in 9th grade in public school and if the judge would rule on the side of the defendants He will not return after the holiday break. I am completely ready to home school him. He is well socialized and self-directed.
    While I am at it, I had an acquaintance ask me why I “celebrate” the “holidays.” She was completely stunned when I told her that I love the pagan rituals and customs associated with the holidays like noting the winter solstice, the Yule traditions, the tree, decorating, gift giving. It is a time of retrospection for us and a time to look ahead as the sun returns from its southernmost path.

  4. If the courts decide Intelligent Design is science, the future will look back on us and laugh at the fiction we have become.

    I hope that does not happen.

  5. I thought I heard that it would be some time this morning, but I haven’t seen anything to corroborate that. I plan on refreshing nytimes and news.google every 15 minutes while I’m at the computer.

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