Patriot Act action update

Assuming a filibuster happens in the Senate, here’s an update from the Washington Post on a potential timeline:

Frist said he would not accept a “short-term extension” of the existing Patriot Act. But many Democrats and some Republicans want a one- or three-month renewal of the law to allow more time to negotiate the proposed four-year extension after Congress’s winter recess. The first votes testing the filibuster are expected tomorrow.

Washington Post: House votes to revise, extend Patriot Act, angering Senators

Meanwhile, Senator Feingold continues to keep readers updated at TPMCafe. Last night he gave a speech on the floor of the Senate that you can read here. Here’s a taste:

Rather than engage in a true debate on the controversial parts of the Patriot Act, as Senator Specter did yesterday, many proponents of the Patriot Act just point to non-controversial provisions of the Patriot Act and talk about how important they are. They say this bill must be passed because it reauthorizes those non-controversial provisions. That does not advance the debate, it just muddies the waters. I have news for those who would try that tactic here. It won’t work. We don’t have to accept bad provisions to make sure the good provisions become law.