Freedom of speech….Just watch what you say

The war on rap: Is it real?

Had to post this article from the Village Voice for two reasons. First, it talks about the Latour student rapper case. Second, and most amusingly, it refers to a “bad a** pro bono ACLU lawyer”. I don’t know that any of our attorneys have ever been referred to as “bad a**”. Well, that’s not true. They’ve been referred to as “bad” and “a**” but not for positive reasons.


Andy in the HBG

1 thought on “Freedom of speech….Just watch what you say

  1. “Latour got a badass pro bono ACLU lawyer and … The school district has been forced to retract his expulsion and pay his family $90,000 in damanges.”
    Did Latour use the money for
    A. a college fund
    B. a new recording studio
    C. Bling-Bling
    That is the question

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