Turn back the clock…to 1787

Dick Thompson and the Thomas More Law Center graced the front page of the Detroit News on Sunday. Among its issues, TMLC lists opposing reproductive freedom, opposing religious liberty for non-Christians, and opposing scientific discovery…..OK, fine, that’s not exactly how he put it. Here’s a quote from Dick:

“If we succeed in those issues, we will succeed in returning to our culture established by our Founding Fathers,” said Thompson, 68, president and chief counsel of the firm.

I can’t help but chuckle when I hear about “original intent”. Do these guys really want things to be as they were in 1787?

TMLC claims it “protects and defends Christian rights and values”. Then I have to assume they have pro bono attorneys helping “Tookie” Williams get his death sentence commuted to life. Oh, wait, that’s right…

Andy in H-burg

3 thoughts on “Turn back the clock…to 1787

  1. Woman: Pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.
    African Americans: Back in the cotton fields.
    Asians: Back to the railroad.
    What would a white Christian man have to lose by turning back the clock?

  2. I suppose that would depend on the flavour of Christian, as Roman Catholics, Greek, Russian Orthodox and quite a few others probably wouldn’t have much fun in that world either.

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