New Yorker covers Dover trial

There’s a wonderful 12-page article about the Dover trial in the Dec. 5, 2005 issue of the New Yorker (and I’m not just saying that because the reporter predicts victory for our side). It features a lovely full-page drawing of our attorney Eric Rothschild cross-examining Professor Michael Behe. You can see the drawing and an interview with the author of the article on the New Yorker website, although you can’t read the article there.

2 thoughts on “New Yorker covers Dover trial

  1. I don’t know where else to post this.

    This whole creationism thing has gone way too far.

    First the creationist say teach the controversy, and when a professor does- he gets beat up over it.

    It seems it’s ok for people like pat robertson to say things to the effect of ” don’t pray to god- you kicked him out” with no repercusions, but when like minded rhetoric is fired back (“Mirecki recently wrote online that he planned to teach intelligent design as mythology in an upcoming course. He wrote it would be a “nice slap” in the “big fat face” of fundamentalists.), beatings occur?

    So much for free speach.
    *sigh* it’s ok, I wasn’t using my civil liberties anyways…

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